An anonymous submitter wanted me to post this on their behalf.

This is a fairly old picture at this present time, but both pictures taken on the same day. The right is an edited photo that Fawnass publicly posted, looking sickly/ deathly and heavily altered. The one on the left however is a screenshot of her talking to people via stickam.

Don’t try to argue and say it’s just the lighting, because you’d be full of shit if you try to deny the obvious shooping involved.

Thank you very kindly to the blogger that submitted this to me; this is an oldy but a definite goody and serves as an important reminder that these little thinspo/ pro-ana chicks aren’t what they claim to be or look like without their bestfriend, photoshop.


There’s a deathly mixture of pure vanity and a insatiable desire for attention on Tumblr. Appearance is replacing intellect and everywhere you look it’s handled as an excuse for actions you wouldn’t forgive an ‘ordinary’ person. It’s a hard battle until you reach a higher number of followers than all those blogs that you used to follow in the very beginning, but once you’ve reached it, it’s yours and you know what? Nobody can take it away from you - because it’s nothing. It doesn’t exist.

Just look at all those self-appointed ‘e-celebritys’ who spend their daily life with creating an Internet persona that has not much to do with their true selfs; and as soon as you realise that their attention-seeking nature is only to disguise their insecurities; you will suddenly realise that there’s nothing to look up to. Excessive use of Photoshop won’t take away their feelings and even though there are thousands of shady people who tell them that they’re pretty, they won’t feel any better. Maybe for a short period of time but they will never heal from that, no matter how long they talk themselves into believing it and this shows you that looks are nothing. They do not define you nor do they make you a saint. When you enter your bedroom in the evening and you lay down sleep it all comes back - everything that you wanted to compensate or suppress. Those people are trying to sell you their perfect lies, as any commercial on TV does, and you’re believing every bit of it. Why do you stick to their words but question everything that TV tells you? Or don’t you? You probably already bought them.

Congratulations, because now you own the jackpot - that very special feeling that makes you feel worse every day. You can’t live up to those standards because nobody can. You need to break out - to give up on that before your eyes and mind walk the same paths. No matter if they’re called, Felice Fawn, Johanna Herrstedt or Mila Mortice, you need to stop spending your time with admiring those people or their covered misery will become yours.

Most of them didn’t reach anything in life that you can’t reach. You can quit school or your job to become a fashion blogger or something like that. You can easily learn how to photoshop yourself until you’re unrecognisable. You can scam people. You can get attention from posting your selfies. The question is: Do you want that? It’s only a wast of time, it’s nothing you want people to remember in the end of the day.

the-truth-about-felicefawn: Did you ever send Felice the 'Lucifer' body harness? Because she has now taken down the Blackmass harness and now has the Lucifer one up for sale on her Depop page... and she is using yet another one of your photos, too. 


yep. i wrote to her on her instagram and she said “want me to send photos to prove you did” and then she said “unless you have another harness with leg garters” and THEN “it was a honest mistake”. then she listed the “lucifer” harness. once again STEALING all of my images and NO CREDIT, and you think a “photographer” would understand copywrite on images. she has now blocked my brand on instagram after i asked her to credit my work. she also never took photos in that harness…. so she never actually promoted it for me.. she is just selling it using my images with no credit so she can have money to do her regrowth maybe?

also i got nothing out of her promotions. no orders, a thousand followers (this is usually the same amount i get form someone with 30K) so really… i’m lucky money is not an issue for me because otherwise i would be pretty pissed.

truly BA$IC.  

*note: she has now added “tealecoco” randomly in the caption with no explanation and this is her form of credit to my brand haha. V GOOD PROMOTING. MUCH GOFF. BUY MY THINGZ.
wheniseeyoutheworldstops: Did felice ever even do a promo shot with the blackmass harness you gifted her that she's now selling? Or did it just not get published? 





funny… i never sent her that harness. so she is now selling FAKE items of mine. she also stole my images and didn’t credit my brand once AGAIN

What? how? maybe now she’s selling a con auction - auction of nonexistent physically product, or how you put it - fake one. This is getting worse and worse

I assume the reasons she targeted Teale Coco in this particular scam are because Teale Coco is renowned for awesome harnesess of consistent high quality. the harnesses’ style can/has been emulated by others who offer them for cheaper, so she could get a shoddy one off ebay/etsy, use Teale Coco’s images, charge the same price, use her name/brand to make them seem legit/so people will buy them, and then IF the item actually arrives (debatable whether she’d even go as far as posting it), she can blame the shitty craftsmanship of her ripoff item on Teale Coco when she wasn’t involved and completely innocent.

This is goddamn rude. She is willing to ruin someone’s brand name just to score undoubtedly more money on this

And people tried to say she wasn’t scamming anymore… HA.

A leopard never changes its spots!

vomitus-creeper: just so you know felice is now selling items from my brand that i NEVER sent her... she NEVER got a "blackmass" harness and she is now claiming to have one and to be SELLING it through her ship depop bullshit 

Hi there! I just saw the post on my dashboard about it. That is seriously messed up! I don’t understand how a person can deliberately set out to be SO dishonest, knowing that they do not even have this item for sale and are actively trying to SCAM innocent people. I don’t know how she sleeps at night. It takes a special kind of scumbag to keep scamming like this again and again.

Has she responded to you at all? I’d really love to hear her explanation for this. But I doubt she’d ever admit to any wrongdoing. She never does.

Sorry that she keeps stealing your photos and causing drama for your brand! Thanks for messaging me.


Well this is a dramatic development.


kayt-eevee: I think I got scammed via Night Venus. I never paid TOO much attention to Felice before, and I actually didn't realize NV was even her store. I thought it seemed professional and went ahead and ordered a choker. I ordered a month ago, and I live in the US so I guess there's still a chance of it coming? But they estimate 15-20 days on the site. I never got a shipping confirmation, and I have emailed them but received no reply. Ugh. Buyer beware. I feel dumb. 

That sucks. I’m sorry to hear that. Have you opened a Paypal dispute? If not, I highly recommend you do so right now. Packages from the UK to the US should not take that long to arrive—in my experience, I have found that UK packages only take about a week to two weeks to reach me, tops.

Thanks for contacting me. I hope your situation gets resolved one way or another soon. Please let me know what happens. And don’t be too surprised if you comment asking about your order on Night Venus’ IG and it magically disappears.

I’m officially too busy to run this thing for now.

I’m not deleting it, but I’m taking a hiatus.

I’ll resume posting when/if Failice does something shitty (which I’m sure is inevitable) and/or when I have more free time. Whichever comes first, really.

If you were scammed, please message me.

Until next time…


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If you’re a company who is kind enough to send FF your items to promote, not only will she turn right around and sell the items (every time), but she’ll also use your product photos… and not even credit the name of your company.

Tsk, tsk. It’s almost…

usually i avoid drama, which i am, but i am going to share this because it’s nice to see people standing up for me and my hard work even when i didn’t ask.

buy from the people who deserve it! (and the ones who will really send it) HERE



If you’re a company who is kind enough to send FF your items to promote, not only will she turn right around and sell the items (every time), but she’ll also use your product photos… and not even credit the name of your company.

Tsk, tsk. It’s almost like she’s actively TRYING to be the sketchiest, most tactless seller ever. 

(Thanks a million to the anon who pointed me to this!)

Anonymous: I saw that you gave Felice Fawn free harnesses to model them for you.. She's now selling the pentagram one on depop, jsyk 



Felice contacted me when I first opened and ask for some stuff! Yeh I know, she didn’t even credit my brands name haha. It’s ok, I ain’t mad, it was expected… Ha #iseebasicbitches

Dear all business owners - don’t send Felice free stuff. She’ll just sell them and not even mention your business name. You won’t be giving your business any exposure - you’ll just be giving her free money.

Anonymous: "Why do you care that people Photoshop?" - people care because we are evolving into highly technological, appearance-based societies, that rely on the presence of digital processing of media to let the world interpret how we appear, in personality and in physical looks. With this alone, we solely base our thoughts and conclusions on how to interpret our surrounding nature. With Photoshop, we are being deceived from that notion. tl;dr A lot of you are very blind, at least sensory-wise. 


I am very discouraged to continue talking to people about it. Photoshoping yourself to look more like the  photoshopped models on magazines it surely is contributing to the fucking up of ethics, values, standards.. To the collective conscious.

But even if Photoshop didn’t exist, Beauty is seen as a triumph. We are rewarding people whose only contribution to the world is setting a bad example.

I think the people who are defensive about it, the ones that fill my ask box with insults and sayJohanna will and always be better looking than you” are the people that know what they’re defending is in some way wrong, and impacts the conscience morale in a negative way, but it hasn’t really penetrated. There’s no much else I can do if people decide to believe that the only way to do wrong is stealing money.